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Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds

A great condiment for various foods and drinks, the coriander seeds also finds medicinal ayurvedic use. It is grown in various Indian states, Gujarat being the leader. We have dependable suppliers of quality coriander seeds. Coriander is a native of Mediterranean region, India, Morocco, the CIS countries; Hungary, Poland, Romania, Guatemala, Mexico and the USA are important countries where coriander is commercially grown.

In India, coriander is cultivated in particularly all the states and constitutes an important subsidiary crop in the black cotton soils of Deccan and South India (Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu) and the rich silt loam of North India. In Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, over 100000 acres are under coriander cultivation. Similarly, it is grown on a fairly large scale in Punjab and neighboring states.



  • It is an all in one solution for almost all digestion related issues.
  • Coriander seed helps in reducing bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in the body.
  • Coriander seeds also help in increasing metabolism.
  • It improves your digestion, helps in respiratory problems, good for skin and also makes your immune system stronger.
  • Coriander seeds are rich in vitamin K, C, B along with antioxidants and other minerals which are all beneficial skin and hair health.
  • It promotes hair regrowth and delays the premature greying of the hair.


  • Purity

    98% Min
  • Extraneous matter

    2% Max
  • Split Seeds

    5% Max
  • Moisture

    8% Max
  • Live infestation

  • Extraneous matter

    2% Max