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Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds

Cumin is renowned for it’s medicinal properties in Asia. Native to the Mediterranean, Cumin is grown in India, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, China and parts of America. India is the world’s largest cumin producer and consumer. About 300,000 tons of cumin is produced globally worldwide, bulk of the output concentrated in Asian countries. Global demand for cumin export is estimated at around 30,000 per year. In India, cumin is sown October-November and is harvested in February. Fresh crop reaches the market during March. India’s largest cumin producing regions are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. Indian Cumin is mainly exported to Japan, Brazil, Singapore, the US and UK.



  • Cumin seeds are available in wide range having pleasant aroma and flavor
  • Cumin seeds tastes good if roasted properly as required
  • It has plenty of healthy benefits to improve your overall health and fitness
  • It improves your digestion, helps in respiratory problems, good for skin and also makes your immune system stronger.
  • It has wonderful anti-septic properties too and gives instant relief against acidity


  • Purity

    99% Min
  • Admixture

    1% Max
  • Total ASH

    9.50% Max
  • Flavour

    Aromatic with a penetrating flavour
  • Salmonella

    Absent/ 25 gms
  • Moisture

    9% Max
  • Volaile oil

    2% Min