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Sesam Seeds

Sesam seeds

The Chinese used sesame seeds 5000 years ago to prepare ink blocks while the Ancient Egyptians ground the seeds to use as flour. India produces a wide variety of sesame seeds that vary in color from white to red to black, and oil content ranging from 40% to 50%. The white and black sesame seeds are for consumption, the brown sesame seeds are for oil extraction. White Indian sesame seeds have a nutty taste and are used for making sweets, baked foods and confectionery.



  • Sesame seeds are good for healthy cooking and also treated suitable for salad oils and margarine
  • Sesame seeds in India are used for seasoning purpose to enrich flavor of your dish and generally available with top sesame seeds exporters.
  • Natural Sesame Seeds have plenty of medicinal benefits and good to protect liver from oxidative damage.
  • The powder prepared using sesame seeds are good for bakery foods mostly in breads and buns for crunchiness.
  • Sesame powder is generally used with homemade breads and adds nutty flavor to recipes.
  • Sesame seeds are good to use with food items and cooking items.


  • Admixture

    10% Max
  • Purity

    99% Min (up to 99.95%)
  • Oil content

    48% Min
  • FFA

    2% Max
  • Moisture

    1.75% Max